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5833 N 7th Street
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Monday - Friday
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Closed Sunday
(except in December
until Christmas)
Choose from hundreds of bicycles in
stock including cruisers, recumbent
trikes, comfort bikes, hybrid bikes,
mountain bikes, trail bikes, road bikes,
commuter bikes, novelty bikes, and a
wide selection of vintage bicycles.
Kids Bikes
There is something special about Kids and Bikes.
Do you remember your first bike?  Was it a birthday gift or did you find it under the tree at Christmas time?  How about your second bike or even third?  It’s a good bet that if you think back you can remember every bike you’ve ever owned and as you remember, the memory brings a smile to your face.

For kids the first bike is like a rite of passage… the first real taste of independence and mobility where you’re not dependent on someone else to take you someplace.  The first bike is also an expression of trust.

SUN Cyclery has been been a part of this exhilarating stage of a kid’s life for going on four generations.  Kids who got their first bikes when we first opened now have grandkids who are sharing the experience.  Soon there will be great grandkids.

That’s surely worth a smile. Perhaps more than one.