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Choose from hundreds of bicycles in
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mountain bikes, trail bikes, road bikes,
commuter bikes, novelty bikes, and a
wide selection of vintage bicycles.
Mountain / Trail
“The Mountains are calling and I must go.”  ~ John Muir
The first mountain bikes were modified heavy cruiser bicycles used for freewheeling down mountain trails.  The balloon tires and rugged steel frames of cruisers were able to take the extreme punishment of riding rugged mountain trails. 

As new materials and bicycle technologies evolved these off road bikes evolved with them. Today’s Mountain and Trail bikes make use of high-tech lightweight materials like aluminum and advanced composites along with heavy duty knobby tires and wheels and state of the art gearing, braking, and suspension systems.

SUN Cyclery offers a complete range of Mountain and Trail bikes from Cannondale and GT.  The Valley of the Sun offers many terrific sites and trails to get the absolute most out of your new bike.  We can help to make them yours.