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Choose from hundreds of bicycles in
stock including cruisers, recumbent
trikes, comfort bikes, hybrid bikes,
mountain bikes, trail bikes, road bikes,
commuter bikes, novelty bikes, and a
wide selection of vintage bicycles.
Fixies & Road Bikes
Road Bikes ...
The bicycle is perhaps the most popular form of transportation in the world, far outstripping the automobile and public transportation.   From riding down to a friend's house to riding across the United States, road biking is fun, enjoyable, and a great way to get, or stay, in shape.

Today’s road bikes are all about light weight high tech alloys, carbon fiber and composites along with tires that are narrow, high-pressure, and smooth to decrease rolling resistance.  Speed is the name of the game.

From racing to touring SUN Cyclery offers the best that Cannondale, GT, and Schwinn have to offer along with accessories to get the most out of your cycling experience.
Fixies ...
SUN Cyclery offers a range of  fine fixed gear bicycles (Fixies) from Retrospec and Schwinn.