Electra E-Bikes

Go to work. Go to the beach. Go to the store. Go further. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Wherever it is, Electra’s Bosch-powered Go! e-bikes make it easier, faster and way more fun to get there. You can ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. They’re simple, intuitive, capable and comfortable. We’d venture to guess you’ll be spending a lot more time on two wheels from now on. All you have to do is get on and Go!


At Sun Cyclery we carry the Ace of Spades Go! and the Townie Go! models. They're charged up and ready to go!

Ecomotion Bikes

The Ecomotion Mini Pro +eFAT is a folding 20-inch bike with fat Tires, a 696Wh LG Lithium Battery, Hydraulic Brakes, Front Suspension, 500W Powerful Motor, and many nice features & accessories. This E-Bike will take you on an all-terrain journey you will never forget!


At Sun Cyclery we carry the Mini Pro +eFAT model for you to test ride and discover the fun that awaits you!

The OYAMA CX E8D is a lightweight folding electric bicycle that provides pedal-assisted power up to 20mph with a 250-watt custom-tuned motor ample for daily transportation and commuting needs as well as the thrill of exploring nearby places.


At Sun Cyclery we carry the OYAMA CX E8D model. Visit us today for a test ride and see how getting around town is a snap when riding the OYAMA!

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