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Go the extra mile with an electric assist!


The TerraTrike Rambler Electric Vehicle Option (E.V.O.) is ready to provide whatever level of assistance you want, whenever you need it! Feel the intuitive power help you climb hills with ease, maintain your pace on longer rides, and increase your range all in the name of comfort!

The Rambler E.V.O. is not intended to be just an electric trike; but rather an extension of your journey while still getting all of the benefits of trike riding.


We offer both the Bosch and Falco models. Visit us today for a test ride and discover the fun!


Beautifully integrated into several ICE models, the Shimano STEPS Electric assist systems give the push you need to explore further with ease.

With the integrated 250w motor mounted at the front of the trike, the battery mounted under the trikes seat, a handlebar mounted computer and controller for easy access and a neat, well protected wiring loom, the whole system blends in and keeps your trike looking as great as ever. Available in two models and now with optional fully automatic electronic gear shifting at the push of a button and integrated smart lighting.

Visit us today to learn more about the Shimano STEPS E6100 and E6800 options.


HP Velotechnik offers the Shimano STEPS systems in two models; the E5000 and the E8000.


Each system has it's specific advantages. The remarkably small E5000 motor integrated in the front boom is ideal for the price-conscious. Equipped with enormous power, Shimano has originally created the E8000 for mountain bikers; as it turns out it is a great system for the demanding trike rider, too.

Let us help you decide what works best for your riding needs. Stop by and talk with one of our experts today!


Go farther, faster, and with greater ease aboard an eCAT. At the heart of the eCAT line is the latest in electric-assist systems from industry leaders Bosch. The result is a Catrike with the perfect combination of maximum efficiency, comfort, and riding enjoyment. The efficient and versatile Active Line Plus electric-assist drive mated to a 1 x 11 drivetrain (11 - 42 cassette / 44 tooth chainring) provides dynamic performance – guaranteeing an authentic riding sensation with minimal pedaling resistance. It delivers active and sporty acceleration even at low cadences, offering powerful assistance as soon as you step on the pedals. In addition, the system’s multi-sensor technology and fast information processing ensure optimum interaction between you and your eCAT.

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